2020 Board of Directors of Butler-Warren Association of Realtors

man wearing blue site and tie white shirt
President-Bill Gabbard
man wearing black suit and red, gray and white strip tie
President-Elect-Daryl Dunn
man wearing a black suite blue shirt and pin on suit
Past President-John Prazynski
woman smiling wearing a blue dress shirt, necklace and red lipstick
Secretary-Gwen Ritchie
women with blonde hair wearing a black jacket
Treasurer-Debbie Pennington
woman smiling wearing a white shirt blue color, blonde hair and necklace
Director-Lori Fugate
woman smiling wearing a pink dress shirt, blonde hair, red frame glasses
Director-Mary Johnson
blonde hair women smiling wearing a leopard print shirt
Director-Lynn Murphy Dickerscheid
Woman posing with hand crossed, brown hair, and wearig a blue sweater
Director-Missy Stone
woman with brown hair wearing a black shirt
Affiliate-Eloisa Vinson